Customers Rely on Nimble to Move Their Freight

Our vision has grown to aid our employees, customers, and vendors with a continued focus on technology and honest business practices in the crowded 3PL marketplace.

Yet our business philosophy has remained essentially the same since we started in 2002: We expect to add value to your supply chain and fleet based moves because we endeavor to know your freight as well as you do if not better.

Nimble’s Core Values
  • Creative solutions to customer and employee issues
  • Respect of individuals and their value to the team
  • Quality – To add value to all that we do


Our Operational Core Values
  • Diligence
  • Honesty
  • Accountability


Have a look at the typical loads we move

doosan orange wm - Customers Rely on Nimble to Move Their Freight


Serving Customers for Over 15 Years of Fleet Focused Transport

For over 15 years, our culture has been about finding a better way to streamline the processes and to create transparency. We are an extension of your staff and it’s highly important to us that we integrate with your operation seamlessly.

We are Not a Commodity Carrier

Working with utility contractors and the vendors that serve them, we know our niche market and are able to focus completely on servicing that customer base.

Paperwork Perfection

Need a job number or purchase order on the paperwork? A line item on every fleet number? No problem. We know that our paperwork needs to be perfect or your shipment will be delayed.

Hassle-free, Creative Shipping Solutions

Working with approved and fully qualified truck carriers gives us the power to get your freight where it’s going at the most competitive rates possible. The right carrier is carefully chosen for your load, and not just the first carrier.

Customer Service Redefined

We are still small and nimble. Our growth has been managed around the refusal to sacrifice any level of customer service.