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Our logistics carriers.

We source our carriers from only the top pools of candidates nationwide. When you work with a Nimble carrier, you’re working with the best.

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What it takes to be a Nimble Carrier.

We make sure to only source from the best drivers possible to provide our clients with a top-quality logistics service that they know they can count on.  

If that sounds like you, reach out to us via the button below, and let’s see what we can do together.

How we drive success for our carriers.
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Top services powered by cutting-edge technology.

From heavy hauling to auto carrier services and so much more, Nimble is a midsize logistics company that can handle a wide field of services for clients nationwide.

Heavy hauling & truckload

Oversized or overweight loads can be a nightmare to transport, especially if they suddenly come up and you have a limited window to get them where they need to be.  Learn more about how we  can help you today! 

Power only

Sometimes, you don’t need the whole unit, just a driver and a tractor. Nimble can provide you with top-quality power units to ensure your loads get where they’re going.

Drive away shipments

Professional drivers, hand-selected and ready to carry out the jobs you need done well, and done right. Click on the button below to learn more and get started today!

Auto carrier

We work day and night to get the trucks you need to the places you need them, no matter what. If you’re in need of the #1 auto carrier services in Iowa, get in touch with us today.

Pintle hook

Sometimes, everything is in place except for the one piece you need to get the job done. Nimble can provide out clients with quality Pintle Hook services so you can hook up, drive, and drop off without worrying what might happen next.

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How we do business.
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We use creative solutions

Not everything comes pre-figured, and we wouldn’t be where we are today if we couldn’t devise out-of-the-box answers to problems big and small.

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We add value to all that we do

There are plenty of logistics companies in the world, but there’s only one Nimble. We provide clean, rapid, effective, and personalized solutions that other companies simply can’t.

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We respect ourselves and others

A big part of any relationship is trust, and a big part of trust is respect. We believe in upholding a standard of respect for ourselves and our clients, in order to create the most solid business relationships possible.

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We are diligent

We wouldn’t be in logistics if we weren’t detail-oriented. Nimble follows ironclad procedures that execute deliverables in concise and effective steps.

We stand by our commitments

You’re only as good as your word, and after 20 years of giving ours, we’ve learned that you stand by your clients and their needs, regardless of the challenges you face.

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We are honest

Without trust between the client and the company, there’s no sense in doing business. We uphold transparency and trustworthy relationships so our clients know that they’re taken care of, no matter what.

Resources for our carriers:

Heavy Haul, Truckloading, & RGN

Nicole Barry


Auto Carrier & Pintle Hook

Dalton Kane


Jack of All Trades

Alex Schultejans