Nimble Moves Specialized Transport

Bottom line: Proper carrier selection is at the forefront of our business model and our extensive experience allows us to eliminate problems before they happen.

But in specialized transport, solving old problems requires innovative solutions—looking at things a different way, a better way. And that’s exactly what we do.


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Heavy Haul
Heavy Haul rates can vary by 20-25%! If you’ve ever contracted RGN or Lowboy service you know that the bidding process to locate a fair market rate can eat up valuable time. In 2016, 60% of our moves classified as specialized. We take the guesswork out of the process by itemizing carrier costs down to the penny. Our process of sourcing the lightest and shortest equipment translates into customer savings.


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Drive Away

If you manage a fleet of mobile cranes, boom trucks, digger derricks and the like then you know that Drive Away is the narrowest of niche markets. Simply put, too few carriers offer the service and likely places immediate pickups out of the question.

Our client base rents much of its equipment, allowing us to provide carriers with Drive Away shipment volumes at regular intervals. Cultivating such relationships with the small to midsize carrier base in turn allows us to cast a wider search to source drivers on short notice.


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Power Only
We like to say we’re one of the only “white glove” Power Only providers in the Lower 48. We’ve been moving such shipments since 2006 and our diverse client base has allowed us to create an extensive directory of Power Only carriers. We can handle the transport of anything from a standard van trailer to an oversize screening plant to trailer-laden tensioners that require a pintle hook to move. And being a non-asset based provider allows us to move quickly to offer service that other carriers cannot. In most cases we can make an immediate assessment if service can be provided within 24 hours.


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Truckload & Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)
From palletized van loads for a 53′ trailer to machinery 10′ high and requiring full tarps, we’ve got you covered. We likewise handle LTL on virtually any trailer type and regularly locate a contract carrier to load and deliver without cross-docking. Less cross-docking equals fewer damage claims and delivery is typically faster than with a common carrier.


Extended Service

Mobilization/Demobilization: We Make Order Out of Chaos
Send us your spreadsheet and we do the rest. We’ll build a private cloud-based table where you can watch our progress live.


State of the Art Data Management
We know your freight. So much so that we store all customer equipment by fleet specification. When you want to move #12345, we know its weight, dimensions, and serial number. With our extensive equipment knowledge and creative approach, we place our resources where they should be—helping you keep your crews working and keeping everyone on the same page.


so…how can nimble help you?




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