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Nimble! Our team is small and mighty. And what that means is we still believe in Customer Service. We still believe our word should mean something. And we also think we should know your freight regardless of how unique it is. We may not be changing the world but we are making it an easier place to ship freight across North America.
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eldeen - Our Team is Ready to Take Your Call
Since 2002, Brad has been our president and fearless leader, a developer of teams, software and operational processes to better serve our unique customer base. His belief in the success of each individual employee has driven him to succeed as an employer, and to build a team that can tackle issues where other logistics companies fail. His dedication to his team and customers is unparalleled.
Brad Eldeen

zschiesche new - Our Team is Ready to Take Your Call
Brad Z. is our Agency Manager and master of logistics, materials, and supply chain management. Looking for solid market rates? Give Z. a call today!
Brad Zschiesche



barry new - Our Team is Ready to Take Your Call
Nicole leads the frontline to find the right trucks for your shipments and to make sure your shipments get moving as scheduled. When things fall apart, she puts her boots on the ground and makes things work.
Nicole Barry

bangs new2 - Our Team is Ready to Take Your Call
Kate also sources dependable carriers and coordinates with drivers to ensure pickups and deliveries occur on time. Plus, nobody grasps the elusive market for Drive Away quite like she does.
Kate Bangs

dalton kane - Our Team is Ready to Take Your Call
Dalton is the newest member of our team, bringing with him years of dispatch experience and a righteous beard.
Dalton Kane

metcalf - Our Team is Ready to Take Your Call
Jason is at the epicenter of our operational workflow, putting in the due diligence to assure your shipment gets where it’s going as scheduled despite the usual snags, capacity crunches, and encumbering weather delays.
Jason Metcalf
855-700-0770 x1

duerksen - Our Team is Ready to Take Your Call
Jenn handles all receivables and payables, and is the party responsible for making sure carriers get paid on time. She also tracks down BOLs with furious precision. Need a copy of an invoice? Give Jenn a call!
Jenn Duerksen
866-700-0770 x3

genell - Our Team is Ready to Take Your Call
Sean is our resident creative unicorn with hands in project and app development, front end design and back end data wrangling, bot-making, site management, graphic design, plus sundry technical support.
Sean Preciado Genell
866-700-0770 x5