Nimble is Always on the Lookout for Dependable Carriers

We are always looking to partner with qualified and dependable carriers that are capable of meeting the needs of our customers.

Since July, we’ve, added 570 unique Carriers and 95 Factors as partners. We don’t pay early and we don’t pay late: We pay on time!

Nimble’s Operational Core Values
  • Diligence
  • We vet the process and leave no stone unturned to ensure the transfer of clear information from Customer to Carrier. The more diligent we are, the smoother things go for everybody.

  • Honesty
  • Honesty is about being fair. Time is valuable to everyone and we spend hours making sure our carrier pay is at a fair market price. We also understand that a carrier’s time can be impacted beyond the linehaul cost.

  • Accountability
  • Being accountable is paying on time every time. It also means accepting that sometimes things don’t go as planned. When we make a mistake, we acknowledge it and always pay what is fairly owed


We are always on the lookout for carriers that have
rare and hard-to-find equipment for heavy haul service.


Have a look at the typical loads we move

gray and narrow wm - Nimble is Always on the Lookout for Dependable Carriers